Why REAL trees are better than FAKE

  • biodegradable
  • ​​absorb carbon dioxide & release oxygen
  • lead free, AVC free
  • locally grown!
  • renewable, recyclable
  • ​stabilizes soil while protecting and cleaning water


​ALL cut trees are $6.50/foot

​​B&B trees range from $45-$100

​Our choose-n-cut varities:.

Wholesale Nursery.

Choose-n-cut Christmas Tree Farm.

Located in Lawrence County, PA.

Family owned and operated.

Concolor Fir

  • ​soft silver/blue needles
  • ​medium length needles (1-3" long)
  • ​citrus aroma


​Christmas Tree Care

​view tips on how to properly care for you fresh cut Christmas tree or live B&B tree

At McConnell's we have acres of beautifully grown trees where you can walk the fields and cut your own. A fresh selection of pre-cut tree are available in our lot. We have a great variety of ball-and-burlap evergreens if you are looking for a live tree to plant after the holiday.
  All of our trees are prices per foot. Tree netting, loading, and securing of the tree on your vehicle is all included in the price. We provide hand saws or you can bring your own. Be sure to check out all the handmade Christmas decorations we have!   

   A visit to the farm can be an all day event or a quick stop, but bring the whole family because it will be sure to create some memories!

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​We open the day AFTER Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve

​Monday- Saturday ​9 a.m. - 7 p.m.

​Sunday ​Noon - 5

Check us out of Facebook for news and pictures!

Available Décor

  • Poinsettias
  • Wreaths
  • ​White Pine Roping
  • Swags
  • Centerpieces
  • ​Handmade decorations
  • Tree removal bags
  • ​Tree stands

Start a Christmas TREEdition

Tips for visiting the farm

  • bundle up!
  • ​wear comfortable shoes or boots that can get dirty (​farms can get icy or muddy in the winter)
  • gloves are helpful carrying trees
  • feel free to bring your own saw, some customers bring a sled to pull their tree
  • ​bring your camera!

White Pine

  • ​long soft needles (2-5" long)
  • blueish green to silver green in color
  • ​flexible branches


McConnell's Nursery

836 Cleland Mill Road

New Castle, PA 16102

Phone: 724-730-2569

Fax: 724-667-9330


Blue Spruce

  • ​sharp blue needles 
  • ​1 - 1 1/2' long
  • ​strong branches, great for ornaments


Payments Accepted

  • ​Cash or Checks are preferred
  • ​Credit is also accepted

*sales are subject to a 6% state sales tax

Christmas hours

Fraser Fir / Canaan Fir

  • ​dark green needles with a blue underside
  • ​short, soft needles (1/2"- 1")
  • ​strong branches